Apple's New Phone, IPhone 14



The iPhone has become a brand of apple. it is a luxury brand that is not enough for everyone to forward. But yes, it can be bought by selling a kidney, and maybe both of them should be sold now.

Every time some new features are introduced in the iPhone, its design is kept almost as a. Its price is up to $ 1000 and up to $  RS.300K  in Pakistan


So apple has also launched its iPhone series iPhone 14 this time, which has been introduced with the same design but with a few new features.

The top of which is a feature that is quite good. Which will be used only in the United States. This is a feature by which you can connect yourself with a satellite. The most significant advantage is that if you go to a desert or a forest, you can get help by clicking your phone with a satellite.

Another feature is to enable the notch to be used. The notch on the screen gives place to a good folk and a display. Apple has named it a dynamic island. This notch will now be used.

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iPhone 14

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